Scholastic Award Applications:

Youth, Community, Service Activities Foundation

1625 Yale Street, Chula Vista, California 91913 619-253-2168

Application and Supporting Documents Must Be Returned by April 15, 2018

Return to: Angela M. Hawkins, Ed.D. 1625 Yale Street Chula Vista, CA 91913


1. Application is to be completed by the applicant.
2. Type or print clearly.
3. Attach the following to the completed application:
a. Three character reference letters, two of which must be from educators.
b. Official transcript of courses completed.
c. A biographical one-page essay, including educational background, financial need and
    other pertinent information about you and how, if at all, these things may be related
    to the goals of the Optimist Club.
d. (Optional) Proof of your membership in Junior Optimists, Octagon Club, or other
    service organizations and activities.
e. (Optional) Filled out Application to join an online, Optimist Club, called OPTIMIST
    CONNECT. Dues are $22.00 per year. Meetings are once a month, online.
    Community Service is done at your college.
f. Proof of Community Service (letter from agency, counselor, transcript)

Applicant Name: Age:
Permanent Address: City: State: Zip:
Current School: Name of Principal
Month and Year, you will graduate from high school:
School Address:
Your email address:
__ Applicant __ Parents __Job
__ Savings __ Grants
__ Scholarships __ Other service clubs
Identify other scholarships/grants already awarded.
Other funds you have applied for, but have not received notice of award.

Name of Father: Occupation:
Home Address: Phone:
Is your father currently employed? Name of Employer:
Name of Mother: Occupation:
Home Address: Phone:
Is your mother currently employed? Name of Employer:
Note: We do not contact parents’ employers.

Name: Location:
Course of Study: Degree Sought
Tuition: Books:
Room and board: Other:
Will you be living at home or living on campus?
Applicant’s Signature:___________________________________________________

The Bonita Optimist Club is one of over 4,200 Optimist clubs, with a combined
membership of more than 172,000 members, conducting community and youth
projects. One of these projects is the sponsorship of scholastic awards.

The Bonita Optimist Club is a voluntary organization of civic-minded men and women
dedicated to community service. We sponsor the scholastic awards to applicants like
you, essay and speech competitions, youth sporting events and teams, including the
Baron Basketball Invitational, high school football and hockey teams, and youth
baseball. We assist children with special needs in providing educational aids, tools
and support. We provide food and other assistance to children in need and military
families. We conduct Book Sales and Golf Tournaments to raise funds for youth
activities. We also recognize student achievement through an annual awards
ceremony in the elementary and middle schools. Our latest crusade has been to raise
funds for the eradication of Childhood Cancer and assist Foster Youth. 

REVISED 2/1/2015

Bringing Out The Best In Kids